• Dr. McLeod was wonderful. Everything went very good.

    Toshiko K.

    Laguna Beach

  • I was prepared for the worst and was pleasantly surprised how painless, easy and inexpensive my visit was with Dr. McLeod. I would easily refer my family & friends to him.

    Rolin B.

    Rancho Santa Margarita

  • Dr. McLeod is a young, energetic and - at least based on my outcome - seemingly brilliant periodontal surgeon.

    Due in part to my chronic tooth grinding and incompetence by a dentist long ago (repeatedly using amalgam in a tooth grinder despite it breaking and/or falling out SEVEN times in three months, then redrilling), my tooth basically split in half.

    Dr McLeod was able to lengthen my tooth by carving back my gums so that a crown could be put on. I can feel with my tongue that he was able to get all the way up to the top of the split, yet I never really felt any pain. The dentist warned me ahead of time that a periodontist was unlikely to be able to lengthen up to where the crack began, but he did and did it well. No infection, no problems whatsoever.

    For whatever reason, local anaesthetic doesn't last very long for me and the usual solution (epinephrine) to make it last longer makes my heart freak out. Dr McLeod listened, took heed, and was very conscientious about keeping me numb throughout the almost two hour procedure. I couldn't have been happier about the experience.

    Moreover, Dr McLeod was more than accommodating and reasonable when it came to scheduling and pricing. He bent over backwards to fit my schedule and, despite being out of network for my insurance, had a lower total gross price (insurance and my portion) than was quoted as out of pocket by an in-network provider. (In other words, the total amount he charged without insurance was lower than the in-network provider's out of pocket part.)

    I can't thank the man enough. Highly recommended.

    Michael H.

    Long Beach, CA

  • Dr. McLeod's office is a truly wonderful place. I would highly recommend him. I had a tissue graft on both sides of my mouth and he made it very painless and easy. His assistant, Jade, is also extremely knowledgeable and helpful. All in all, it was a great team to work with.

    Katie G.
  • Excellent, Professional, Courteous, Pleasant and Convenient.

    Eric K.

  • I was impressed at how immaculate the office appeared. Some people may care less but it makes a huge impression with me anytime I walk into a doctor/dentist's office, especially the initial visit. I would highly recommend this group to anyone.

  • My entire experience working with you and your team has been stellar!! I am so very pleased with Jade and her willingness to accommodate scheduling appointments with me. She is a gem- very pleasant. Dr. McLeod is the very best. He made my experience painless and without any problems whatsoever. Thanks to all of you!!

    Karen H.

  • I'm very impressed with the level of professionalism and the level of your expertise in your trade. Other than having to go through the actual procedure (which was my fault) it was a very positive dental experience. You guys are running an excellent practice and I'm more than happy to be a reference.

    Brian S.